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Empowering a Strong Team!

“The higher your energy level, the more efficient your body.
The more efficient your body, the better you feel and the more you
will use your talent to produce outstanding results.

Let us help design an entertaining and engaging event for your San Diego based company or group attending a conference locally.  Maybe your company created a weight-loss challenge, preparing for a tough mudder event or just looking to add some team-building workouts to your day.

wiredfitness_caremlvalley_client1I highly recommend Bryan and Wired Fitness to help achieve your fitness goals. If I had to pick just one activity to stay in shape and see amazing results, I would choose doing Bryan’s program over my running club and hitting the gym, without a doubt!  Allen Albright,  Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs at Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc.

Corporate Fitness Programs Improve Employee Wellness!

 10 Benefits of a Workplace Fitness Program:

    1. Fit employees are less likely to get sick.wiredfitness_sandiego_corporatefitness
    2. Fit employees have more energy.
    3. Fit employees have more self-confidence.
    4. Fit employees inspire confidence.
    5. Fit employees tend to take on more leadership roles.
    6. Fit employees set and achieve goals.
    7. Fit employees tend to have better attitudes.
    8. Fit employees are less stressed.
    9. Encouraging fitness demonstrates a concern for employee’s well-being, and pays off!
    10. Employees NOTICE when an employer shows concern for their health and well-being.


jeffstein_wiredfitnesscarmelvalleyBryan at Wired Fitness is the best fitness trainer I have experienced. I would highly recommend him to any person or organization considering a fitness program.  Jeff Stein, President & CEO at Cidara Therapeutics.




Packages Start at $150

Interested in building a strong-healthier team?  Surround your organization with increased productivity, energy and creativity.  Decrease absenteeism, turnover, and the chronic conditions that come with a sedentary lifestyle.  Improve cohesiveness, company satisfaction and longevity by creating a 'Fitness Team'. Be a leader, make a difference, and save your company money! Start your team today by calling a Wired Fitness Team Member (619) 843-5157

Add some team building fun!

Wired Fitness can help you organize a fun event, including group exercise classes, fun runs, team-building workouts, get healthy challenges, weight loss contests or help your company get ready for event.

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