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It’s hard doing it on your own, at Wired Fitness San Diego we have created a culture of motivation in our fitness bootcamp classes!  We motivate you into learning how to get fit for life and help you maintain this progress over time.  We track your progress by measurements and before and after pictures while participating in our outdoor boot camp training programs. Our convenient schedule of morning and after work classes help to ensure you can fit us in your daily routine. We suggest you attend class a minimum of three days per week, although you can participate as much as you want with our unlimited packages!  Your training journey starts with a free class or consultation.  From there your trainer will set a schedule for you based on your goals, and other activities you are participating in. 

Your program will include:

  • A constantly varying workout regimen
  • HIIT interval styled training sessions 
  • Body assessment & composition testing (Optional)
  • Personalized macro & nutrition plan (Optional add-on)


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I could feel the difference immediately… I thought I was decently fit before coming to Wired Fitness, doing strength and cardio workouts on my own. But after going to Bryan’s classes for a few weeks, I could see and feel the difference his workouts made.  His workouts are challenging and interesting (never boring!), and I love working out outside in beautiful San Diego with such a great group of people to support and motivate me (at a time and location that work perfectly in my schedule). Bryan comes off as a pretty tough guy, but I know it’s because he knows his stuff and wants everyone to get the results they want. So just be sure that when you sign up for a class, you show up on time and give it your best, and you’ll see results!
S.K., Carmel Valley

Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and see results?

Youth Fitness & Urban Discovery Academy Program

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