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Carina G., Carmel Valley

Challenging my body in ways I couldn’t do on my own.

I signed up for Wired Fitness Bootcamps in March 2012 through a Groupon deal because I was bored of my gym workouts. The bootcamp classes got me outside and challenging my body in ways I could not do on my own. Ten months later I am still attending classes weekly; this bootcamp continues to push my body’s limits in ways I did not think were possible. I am now preparing for my wedding and I wouldn’t trust results to any other program or trainer. Bryan is the best trainer to push me to where I want to be. Wired Fitness is a great program for those who want a challenge and want results.


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Taryn Garcia, Carmel Valley

Keeps me engaged!

You name it, I’ve tried it. Gym memberships, P90X, Insanity, Zumba, yoga, etc… and they’ve all ended with the same common theme…a little less money in my pocket and a lack of results. Wired Fitness is the one workout system that has kept me engaged and has given me the results that I was looking for. Overall, in the short six months that I’ve been attending classes, my energy has increased, my body fat has dropped and I am much stronger.

The classes are great and are always changing, keeping things fun and fresh; the trainers are extremely motivating – coaching your form, keeping you honest and ensuring safety comes first.  Whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete, the trainers recognize your abilities and will make sure you get the workout you are looking for.

I’d recommend Wired Fitness Bootcamps to anyone who is serious about achieving the results they have been searching for.

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Ellen Butler, Mission Bay

Killer workout every time!

I’ve been going to Wired Fitness Bootcamps about two years now and I love it!  I have a knee injury and when I first started I had to wear a knee brace.  I wasn’t able to run, jump, or even skip.  Bryan and his staff modified the exercises for me so that I still got a killer work out every time. Over that last couple years I’ve been able to strengthen my knee by going to Wired Fitness Bootcamp classes regularly and haven’t had to wear my brace recently.  And, I’ve even been able to start running again!  I am so glad I joined, it was just what I needed to get back into exercising after being injured.  Every class is different and after two years I still feel challenged.  I recommend Wired Fitness to all of my family and friends that are looking for a great workout!

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Carla 56, Mission Bay

Mid-50’s…Strength increased dramatically

I am 56 years young; post menopausal female; 50 pounds over weight; who has not exercised in over 25 years. When I started boot camp I had not been able to run, at all. I have arterial disease, specific to my legs, so even walking was a problem. Today, less than 90 days later, just going twice a week, Bryan has managed to not only get me running, but my strength and agility have increased tremendously. Every class I attend makes me stronger and my family has commented on the improvements made. Thanks to “Wired Fitness” and the programs they offer I now know that I can still make a difference in my life. Thank you Bryan, I will forever be grateful for your training. 

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Jill Jacopetti, Mission Bay

Always a challenge…

Best workout you can get in an hour. Each day is different so you never get bored. Its always a challenge no matter how long you have been going! Great trainers and classmates! 

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Mercy E., Carmel Valley

I’m definitely hooked!

I starting attending Wired Fitness Boot Camp in April 2012 through my Groupon purchase.  Since then I’ve been hooked on this boot camp.  Prior to this boot camp I was working out at the gym taking group classes.  I hit a plateau with my workout and I wasn’t getting any results. I was looking for a workout that would challenge and build my endurance and add more strength training.  This boot camp did exactly that for me and much more.  I have seen such a drastic change physically in just these past 8 months than I have in the last 3 years with my previous workout regimen.  I highly recommend this boot camp to anyone who is looking to challenge themselves and really work your butt off.  The trainers are very supportive and friendly.  They really motivate the class and push us to work hard.  I’m definitely hooked and I really look forward to my workouts. 

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Katie, Mission Bay

Renewed enthusiasm for physical fitness…

I spent the summer in San Diego and through the recommendation of a trusted friend, went to check out Wired Fitness Bootcamps. I was NOT disappointed except when I had to move at the end of the summer! Bryan and his staff are professional and accommodating while still adhering to the highest quality for their clients. But enough about the administrative efforts – the workouts were incredible: unique, motivating, extremely challenging and exciting all rolled into an hour. I learned a lot about my athletic abilities (strengths and weaknesses) this summer through being challenged by Wired Fitness instructors and walked away with renewed enthusiasm for physical fitness. I’m looking forward to returning to San Diego in the future and getting back into regular Wired Fitness Bootcamps!  

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Jeff G, Carmel Valley

Total body conditioning…

Wired Fitness has been a great way for me to receive total body conditioning!  I’ve worked out with weights and body conditioning classes for body tone for most of life.  Wired Fitness gave me another way to accomplish even more.   The variety of exercises and equipment along with cardio have kept the program fun and yet challenging!  If you’re looking to get toned, test yourself in a variety of exercises, get your body trim and to sweat a lot, give it a try-you’ll like it! 

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KEAM, Carmel Valley

I saw immediate changes… 

When I first started working out with Bryan at Wired Fitness I was injured and couldn’t do some of the exercises. Bryan was quick to modify the exercises for me. Now he watches my form to make sure I do the exercises correctly so I don’t re-injure myself. The workout challenges your endurance and your strength. I saw changes happen in my ability from the first class.  

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Janis Purcel, Mission Bay

Best Boot Camp!!

I am so happy with Wired Fitness’ Bootcamp workouts!  I have been working out with Bryan and the other trainers for over 6 years now, and have to say it is by far the best work out around.  I continue to be challenged week after week, and what I love is the variety of workouts that we do.  It is always different, so you don’t get bored like you might in a gym or running.  Trust me, if you want to get in shape or stay in shape, try Wired Fitness and you will be so happy you did!  

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