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Paula Long, Mission Bay

Best workout in San Diego

Wired Fitness is the best workout in San Diego. Bryan and his trainers are great and really care about their clients. It’s something different at every class and who doesn’t want to workout on the beach year round. We are not just a workout Group we are also a family. I give them 5 stars.

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Katie Gonzalez, Eastlake-Chula Vista

Mindful of my limits

I have been working out with Wired Fitness off and on for about 5 years.  After I had my first child I was looking for something fun to help get rid of the extra baby weight.  I started with classes at Mission Bay with Bryan.  Bryan is an excellent instructor who will push you to your limits, while always keeping in mind your fitness level.  I had a c-section with my first son so Bryan was mindful of my limits and kept a close eye on my form and gave me modifications to help strengthen my core.

As soon as they opened a class in the South Bay (Eastlake) I switched over since it is more convenient.  Amber is AWESOME!  her classes are a mix of all fitness levels.  Now that I have been going twice a week for 7 months my arms are toned, my core can just about handle anything, and my endurance is off the charts (for me).   Nevertheless, I still find myself sore a day or two after and exhausted after each work out.  They are always different and always challenging.  And you are outside…yay…no boring gyms.  I have made some great work out buddies in Amber’s classes. We all push each other and encourage new-combers to keep coming. I recommend Wired Fitness to every one I know.  You have never had a work out like this…come out and try it.  You will be addicted like I am.  

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Hai Tran, Mission Bay

Best one hour workout ever!!!

I’m a runner, and I go to the gym on a regular basis, but it’s nothing compared to the this boot camp. I’ve never been a group workout person, but now I can say I’m officially a fan. The trainers are great and friendly, always there to help, at least two trainers per session that has a group more than 5 persons. Bryan, Alvin and Amber are awesome trainers. Come out and try it and you will see it’s the best investment on yourself ever.  

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Nicole G, Carmel Valley

Worth every penny…

I started going to boot camp in April because my girlfriend had been going for a year and loved it! I bought ten classes and joined her at the Carmel Valley location. I have never seen results so quickly. I originally dreaded going to class and now I love it!   Bryan is an awesome trainer and genuinely cares about your fitness goals. If you ever want to challenge yourself try a Wired class! It’s an awesome workout and worth every penny.  

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Kathleen S, Carmel Valley

Pushed beyond my comfort zone….

I tried 10 Bootcamp classes about a month ago as a promotional deal and I definitely look forward to signing up for more.  It’s all about what YOU put into it.  I approached each class with the determination to do my personal best and I also allowed myself to be pushed beyond my comfort zone.  The result is that I awakened muscles that have been asleep for a long time and I felt energetic and strong throughout the rest of the day (I went to the 6 AM class in Carmel Valley, 3x/week).  I am a moderately athletic person who normally works out for at least one hour per day, 7 days a week.  But even after 10 sessions of Bootcamp I could certainly feel the improvement in my core and upper body strength when participating in the other athletic activities that I like to do on a regular basis (running, swimming, biking and yoga).  Overall, I felt more balanced and much stronger.  If you’re into stretching out those muscles after your workout though you’ll have to do that on your own.  The entire one hour session is chock-full of really intense, fat blasting and muscle building activities so you’ll have to factor in some time to stretch after class or later in the day.

Thanks Bryan for all of the great workouts!  I’ll be back for more.  

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Lyn S, Mission Bay

Kind to all levels of physical ability…

I started with Wired Fitness almost a year ago. At that time I was so out of shape that I thought I was going to pass out in the first class. What had me coming back for more was my friend who had purchased a coupon and needed a work out buddy. We still are work out buddies and still loving Wired Fitness. Bryan is actually a marshmallow with a gruff coating. He is more than willing to work with clients both financially and alternating exercises when needed, but his job like all the instructors is to get the clients to push themselves out of their comfort zone and regain some sense of physical and proud moments of achievements.  I may be the oldest and if I am honest with myself I still am not where I want to be, but at least am not sitting in front of the TV Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. I encourage all you want to feel good about themselves to come down to MB and try a class. I go to the class from 6:30pm to 7:30pm, the time goes by so fast sometimes it is 7:45pm. Alvin my instructor along with the others truly value what they do and I find them to be passionate, professional and kind to all levels of physical ability and ages.  

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Cristy B, Mission Bay

Absolutely love it!

I have been going to Wired Fitness’ Boot Camp in Mission Bay for over 6 months and absolutely love it!  It sounds cliche, but I really have seen great results from going 3 times a week.  I love the group setting, how closely Bryan watches our form, and how challenging it is.  I like that they create the hard workouts for me!  I have been to classes with Alvin as well, and love them all!  Boot Camp isn’t for everyone.  So, come with realistic expectations of your fitness level and what boot camp means…after all, it is named after military workouts.  

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Rajam Roose, HHP, Mission Bay

I really enjoy these classes!

I’ve never been one much for working out in a gym- throughout my life I’ve been a very active outdoors hiking, bicycling and swimming.  I was wary about trying a bootcamp but running a full time business and keeping up with a half acre yard and home remodeling led to an out of shape body so I had to do something!  Surprisingly, I really enjoy these classes.  My trainer has great energy and a wonderful spirit.  And I like being outside so the number of classes that Wired offers and various locations makes it easy to find a class that fits my schedule.  At Wired Fitness, every class is completely different and  the exercises are challenging, but fun! The variety of exercises really gets the full body and I feel great afterwards. I’ve only been going for about four weeks and have already lost 10 lbs. I’m very pleased with the results!  

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Eric O, Mission Bay

Loving every minute of it…

Going on 3 years with Wired Fitness and loving every minute of it!!!  Prior to joining I had tried multiple gyms, bootcamps, and different workout routines but nothing kept me motivated  enough to work out consistently on a regular basis.  The challenge I get from these workouts is addicting and keeps me attending 3-4 classes a week!!  Every workout is a unique experience and is constantly varied.  The work outs are high intensity and the trainers accommodate every level of fitness.  Three weeks ago I completed my first Triathlon and I owe it all to Wired Fitness.  If it wasn’t for the energy and strength I discovered in these workouts, I would have never thought capable of achieving such endurance.  To think that 4 years ago I came off the couch from not having done any physical activity in over a decade, suffering from high blood pressure/cholesterol…to where I am now!!  I’ve had the privilege of working out with every trainer at Wired Fitness and have enjoyed each trainers exclusive approach!  Special shot out to Amber from their Eastlake class and of course to Bryan “The Muscle Man” Schuler from Mission Bay!!  Wired Fitness has a “Lifer” in me and I’m confident you will be too if you give them a try.  

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Lisa C, Mission Bay

I’m Addicted!

As I go on my third year with Wired Fitness I can honestly say I AM ADDICTED!  When I first started the classes I had not done any type of physical activity since I had my first son 9 years ago and was still carrying around the baby weight. In just a few short months the pounds and inches melted off. All 20 of them! Since then I have had my second son and was able to maintain my works out through my 5th month of pregnancy. When I came back to the classes 8 weeks after having my son it was difficult but the trainers catered to my needs and were able to help me lose all of my pregnancy weight in 3 months!! I’m in better shape now than I have ever been.  All the trainers are great and cater to every level of fitness.  A special shot out to Amber at Eastlake who always keeps me motivated and challenged 🙂   

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