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Workout of the Week (WOW)

Body Weight Tabata
4-6 Rounds


20 sec Speed Squats
10 sec rest
20 sec Burpees
10 sec rest
20 sec Mountain Climbers (keep neutral spine)
10 sec
20 sec Speed Skips (in place) (lift knee above hip)
10 sec rest
20 sec Speed Squats
10 sec rest
20 sec Burpees
10 sec rest
20 sec Mountain Climbers (keep neutral spine)
10 sec
20 sec Speed Skips (in place) (lift knee above hip)

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Wired Fitness Workout of the Week (30-Minute Fat Blast)

  • 20 Bulgarian Squats (10 each leg)
  • 20 Deep Squats
  • 20 Walking Lunges (10 each leg)
  • 20 Wall Hops 
  • 10 Pull Ups or Reclined-Pulls or 20 Band Rows
  • 15 Tricep Bench Dips
  • 20 Thumb Up ‘X’ Supermans
  • 15 Wide-Close-Diamond Pushups
  • 30 Second Plank

3 Rounds, fast tempo with good form!  After 1st round, perform 60 Mt. Climbers.  Upon completion of the 2nd round, 30 Sumo Jacks.  Finally at the completion of round 3 push to complete 30 Squat Thrust Jumps.  This is a great 30-minute Fat Blast!

We sell a 5 Set Resistance Band Set for sale for $25 (comes with door anchor and carry bag)

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The Best ‘One’ Exercise…

The Burpee!

Here is a great article written by BJ Gaddour…..

There was a time when Mike Tyson was the baddest man on the planet. Everything about the former heavyweight champion of the world was intimidating: the way he dressed in all black shorts without the traditional robe of his competitors, the way he used to rock his head side to side back and forth like he had mental problems, and the way he came into the ring all sweaty and lathered up like a caged beast ready for battle. Without a doubt, Iron Mike used to win his fights before they even started.

Look no further than his world famous ring entrance to the Tyson vs. Spinks fight, arguably the most intimidating entrance in Boxing history:

As you can see in that video, Spinks looked like he was about to soil his pants.

In the world of fitness, if there’s one exercise that could rival Tyson’s reign of terror in his prime, it would have to be the burpee. In fact, whenever my campers or clients hear that burpees are on the agenda for a given workout, they take a deep breath, a heavy gulp, and seemingly pray to the Gods in an attempt to summon the courage to get through the hellfire coming their way.

The burpee is the baddest exercise on the planet and an incredible whole body muscle-builder, fat-burner, and metabolism-booster that will also make you more athletic for sport. The movement finds its roots through the work of American physiologist Royal H. Burpee in the 1930’s, who developed the burpee test as a quick and easy way to assess total body fitness. The exercise continued to gain popularity through widespread military use and of course as the calisthenic of choice in gym classes and athletic practices worldwide.

wired fitness favorite bootcamp exercise

The burpee basically describes a series of smooth and fluid movements that have you going from a full stand to a push-up position and back. It’s no wonder this whole body up and down movement is a metabolic nightmare involving nearly every muscle from head to toe. But, it’s also the most bastardized exercise on the planet that can implode your knees and back like a stiff and solid Mike Tyson upper cut.

First of all, performing this exercise with close feet often results in a lot of extra pressure on the knees and back during the transitioning crouched position between the stand and the push-up. The lower back will tend to excessively flex leading to an increase risk of chronic lower back pain in the short run and herniated or bulging disks in the long run. Plus, squatting on your toes increases the sheer force on your knee caps leading to patella-femoral issues like patellar tendonitis (runner or jumper’s knee) in the short run and arthritic knees that need to be replaced in the long run.

What’s especially concerning is the fact that burpees are often improperly performed for a high number of reps with short, incomplete rest periods (resting less than you’re working). Think about it- multiply bad form by lots of reps by excessive fatigue and you’ve got an exercise that will break you, both literally and figuratively.

Luckily for you, I’m about to show you how to properly perform the burpee and make some instant modifications that will immediately boost performance and reduce the risk of injury from this classic total body builder. Plus, I’ve provided you with both a customized exercise selection and a companion 10-minute burpee bootcamp workout you can do anytime, anywhere based on your current fitness level.

The result will be a more refined burpee routine that very well may break your heart, mind, and soul, but not your body. That we’ll leave to Mr. Tyson.

Burpee Bootcamp

Phase I- Beginners: I haven’t worked out in 6 months or more, I am more than 20 lbs above my ideal body weight, and I lack mobility in my ankles, hips, and upper back.

Burpees are best performed by beginners, and on a regular basis in my opinion, with a wide sumo-style stance. This makes it easier to stay on your heels throughout the exercise which both takes pressure off of your knees and helps you better engage your powerful glute muscles. The wider stance also makes it easier to move at the hips without moving at your lumbar spine, something that will better engage your core stabilizers beyond alleviating nagging lower back pain.

That being said, the fact remains that the modern, mobile consumer spends the vast majority of the day as a desk jockey in rounded, hunched, almost fetal-like positions. This leads to poor posture and limited mobility of the ankles, hips, and upper back that requires further correction for optimal burpee performance. Here are two ways we can quickly do this:

1.) Use a stable box, bench, or aerobic step with adjustable risers to perform your wide stance sumo-style burpees as show in the video below:

This adjustable aerobic step set-up allows you to seamlessly adjust the range of motion as needed. Plus, I particularly like using an elevated surface for higher reps because it’s easier to maintain form in a state of fatigue. Also notice the progression of moving from one leg to two legs at a time in the down position.

2.) Regularly perform the 3 stretches shown in the video below pre/post-workout to open up your ankles, hips and upper back:


Perform each stretch for 30-60 seconds at a time and doing them during your rest periods is smart way to save time and accelerate your flexibility gains.

Now that we covered all that, here’s your beginner burpee bootcamp workout: alternate between 60 seconds of work and 60 seconds of rest for 5 total rounds for a 10-minute total body workout.

Phase II – Intermediate: I have been working out regularly for the last 3 to 6 months and I’m about 10 lbs above my ideal body weight.

Once you can successfully complete the beginner burpee workout pain-free, we can safely get a little nasty with it. The great thing about the burpee is it offers an endless number of challenging exercise variations that keep your training fun and fresh. You can perform on one-arm or one-leg, integrate dumbbells, or even add jumps. The video below shows some great high-intensity exercise examples:


Choose one of the variations shown in the video above (or alternate between each of them from round to round) using a 60 seconds on, 30 seconds off interval sequence for up to 6 total rounds. The combination of a more advanced exercise selection plus reduced rest periods will drastically increase the calorie burn and will blow-torch belly fat fast.

Phase III – Advanced: I have been working out regularly for over a year I’m within +/- 5 lbs of my ideal body weight.

Now it’s time to get real. If you’ve never used the TRX Suspension Trainer before, then you’re seriously missing out! It’s the advanced body weight training tool of some of the best athletes around like Super Bowl MVP quarterback Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints and it’s basically a portable gym in a bag.

What’s so unique about the TRX is that it places your body in a suspended environment which not only forces your body to engage and activate more muscles (particularly your core) but also activates your fight or flight response, something that’s proven through research to accelerate metabolism and speed up fat loss.

What’s the best part? The TRX also serves us up several ways to put the burpee on steroids as show in the video below:


For an incredible 10-minute TRX burpee bootcamp challenge workout, alternate between 60 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest for each exercise in the order shown in the video above being sure to switch sides from round to round. Perform 8 total rounds.

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist’s approach to exercise or a cool way to mix up a stale training routine, look no further than the burpee. Just be sure to respect the process and do it right.



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Excuses… Who are you hurting?

no excuses for not exercisingThe dog ate my homework, the check is in the mail, and I was late because I missed the bus, these are all great excuses many people have used throughout out their lives and unfortunately they have now become very cliché. So how does this equate to training and leading a healthy life style? The same people who have used such excuses in other parts of their lives will continue to do so when it comes to their health, however in these instances the only person they are lying to is themselves. So when we hear a person who is obviously overweight, stuffing a few KrispyKreme doughnuts into their mouth while explaining how they are too tired to work out, or they don’t have the time or even that they just got a manicure, remember that old Yiddish Proverb, “if you don’t want to do something, one excuse is as good as another.”

Just because we justify the reasons that we are not as fit or healthy as we would like to be does not make us a bad person. It’s just that if we record all of our excuses and play them back; we would be horrified to see how frequently we justify the reasons for not doing something about it. Our friends and family are probably tired of our constant complaining about it as well. So what do we do? You don’t like the way you look or feel and you know that you are the only one that can change it, but how to start?

Normally, I would begin telling you that the hard part is recognizing that you need to change things up, but I am pretty darn sure that you already know that, you need to take action, not merely think about it. The first step is to remember that there are no excuses, if you want to get healthy than you have to work at it. You got yourself into poor shape so it’s up to you to fix it. The main excuse that I used to make use of was that I’m too tired to workout, well of course I was too tired to train, I was in such lousy shape that just getting out of bed left me winded. Then I’d begin my walking regime and quit because it became too difficult. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.  Do what you can at the beginning, this does not mean don’t push yourself, it merely means push yourself to what you feel is a safe limit, for now. In time the speed and distances will become greater, and so will your overall health. When the excess weight is gone the tired feeling will most likely be gone as well. If not, then consult a doctor (best before beginning any training routine) to ensure that there is not some overriding medical issues causing you discomfort.

weightloss cureOne common misconception is that our journey to achieve health and well being starts with getting out of bed in the morning with a goal aimed to get our bodies in shape. Although this definitely an important part of the process, it does not begin here. The process starts in your head as a psychological battle between taking charge of your life and moving forward, or just being complacent and taking what scraps are tossed at you. In the immortal words of the philosopher Albert Einstein, “nothing happens until something moves.” This is especially true when it come to a healthy lifestyle. You need to not just think about what you want to accomplish, but to then take that thought in your head and create an action plan, then put that plan into motion. Remove the obstacles that you place in front of yourself. Trying, just won’t do as it infers the possibility of failure, this is your life, and you cannot fail!

Look, not everything in life in easy and some people will fail, however if you ever took the time to think about things, it seems to be the same people that fail over and over in most things of any significance, like their health and careers. The good news is this pattern can be broken. It just takes some fortitude and a willingness to understand that you did not fall into this state overnight and that it could take time to reverse the process.

People will tell you not to give up, and that they are pulling for you, but the bottom line is that you have to make the decision to change your life and go for it, removing all speed bumps in the way. This may include people too, as you need to surround yourself with positive thinking people who will not tell you what you want to hear unless you actually deserve it. You need to hold yourself accountable for your life and make those changes that get you to where you want and need to go. It’s tough, at times you’ll want to quit, but the end result is a long lifetime of health and hopefully happiness.

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Wired Fitness San Diego | Outdoor Group Personal Training Classes

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It’s hard doing it on your own, at Wired Fitness San Diego we have created a culture of motivation in our fitness bootcamp classes!  We motivate you into learning how to get fit for life and help you maintain this progress over time.  We track your progress by measurements and before and after pictures while participating in our outdoor boot camp training programs. Our convenient schedule of morning and after work classes help to ensure you can fit us in your daily routine. We suggest you attend class a minimum of three days per week, although you can participate as much as you want with our unlimited packages!  Your training journey starts with a free class or consultation.  From there your trainer will set a schedule for you based on your goals, and other activities you are participating in. 

Your program will include:

  • A constantly varying workout regimen
  • HIIT interval styled training sessions 
  • Body assessment & composition testing (Optional)
  • Personalized macro & nutrition plan (Optional add-on)


Online scheduling


San Diego’s ‘Best’ Outdoor Fitness Bootcamp Class



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San Diego Bootcamp,  Group Fitness Class, Personal Training, Youth Fitness

Five Stars on My List!   I have been with these guys for 6 years now and I look forward to working out with them every single time.  They make it fun and challenging.  Working out should be fun for me, otherwise I would not want to do it.  The other thing is that these guys care.  Often Bryan, Amber, or Alvin gets on my case about my form.  I don’t take it personally because I know that they are looking out for my best interest.  Sometimes Bryan makes me do an exercise over (yes, he’s a meanie.  hahaha), but I love it because I know that he really cares about my form and knowing that if I do it right, I will get the result that I want.  So it shows that he and his team really care about their clients.  This is called BOOT CAMP.  Bryan and his team will push you to be the best and you are expected to work out during your 1 hour there.  If you want to get results (i.e., losing weight, gaining muscle, gaining strength, building up your endurance, and have tons of energy the next day), then these guys can help you to achieve that, but, you will have to make a commitment to a regular schedule, otherwise, you will waste your money and your time.  
Tai N, Mission Bay

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What is Outdoor Functional Fitness?

So What Is Outdoor Functional Fitness?

Training the body to handle real life situations.  Fitness classes are challenging, intense workouts for all ages and fitness levels, from the recreational athlete, to a sedentary individual looking to become more active. In each 45-60 minute class we will focus on muscular and cardiovascular endurance, functional strength, flexibility, core strength-stability, balance, coordination, agility, and camaraderie. Every workout is scalable and modifiable to each individual participating in the classes no matter what their goals are. Our classes can be created to accommodate a 30-45-60 minute session, meeting 2-5 days a week.

Depending on the package agreed upon, Wired Fitness can hold on-site classes 2-5 days a week, weekly or monthly Q&A’s, weekly and monthly measurements and analysis for the participants, along with monthly or quarterly incentive contests among the participants. All equipment is provided, all your employee needs is a workout mat, workout gloves, water and a towel. These classes will take place on a grassy knoll, flat field, close-by park, parking garage, etc… Our staff has the creativity to offer your employees the BEST workout in any environment  To be truly committed and on a path to success, we ask that clients are willing to commit to a minimum of 3 months at a time (some may show results faster, some longer).

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Wired Fitness San Diego: Fitness Photo Gallery

This Outdoor Fitness Class Photo Gallery is highlighting our Mission Bay Park location.

This venue offers the widest variety of Outdoor Fitness programs in San Diego.  Come Experience it for yourself today!  No obligation Free Trial…Just click GET STARTED on the home page and follow the instructions.  YOUR NEW BODY AWAITS YOU!

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Our classes are unique, always changing, never repetitive and always fun and challenging.  In the following Gallery you will see clients representing our Carmel Valley AM Fitness Group and other locations around San Diego.


[gallery_bank_album_cover album_id=2]

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East Mission Bay Outdoor Bootcamp Fitness Classes

What better place for an outdoor fitness workout in San Diego than Mission Bay Park?  You get to sweat and get in shape while watching an awesome sunset every evening.


This outdoor fitness location meets in East Mission Bay Park at either 1292 or 1322 East Mission Bay Drive (check map for detailed location).  Our outdoor fitness bootcamp workouts in this location utilize bodyweight, resistance bands, medicine balls, sandbags, ropes, various agility equipment, chains and sometimes tires.  There is plenty of grassy area for cardio, including hills and sand for drills.  This class includes the general fitness enthusiast, cyclists, competitive obstacle racers, swimmers and marathon runners.  All fitness levels, abilities and ages are welcome to participate in this 60-minute class.  Clients have ranged from 8-75 yrs old.  If you’d like to meet your personal trainer Bryan click here.

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Wired Fitness San Diego Fitness Bootcamp FAQs



When you workout outdoors in our San Diego bootcamp fitness classes, you are in an ever-changing environment  – even in the most beautiful climate of San Diego. You must adjust swiftly to different terrain, inclines, declines, obstacles and climates. This improves your body-mind connection, agilty, balance and coordinationYOU BURN MORE FAT AND CALORIES!! You also get an immediate sense of accomplishment! Our Outdoor San Diego Bootcamp or Functional Fitness Classes are the best way to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Extensive research continues to show the many benefits of outdoor fitness, including: Dramatic increases in fitness levels! Ability to burn more calories! A measurable reduction in stress! An increased feelings of well-being!

Working out outdoors in our Bootcamps will leave you feeling alert, refreshed and uplifted. Our Bootcamps are ‘ongoing’ and typically run in four-week intervals, meeting two to six times per week. These fitness classes run 60 Minutes in duration. We accommodate ALL ages and fitness levels and you have the ability to burn 400-1100 calories per class session, and 1200 – 3300 per week. You will develop: Flexibility, Strength, Cardiovascular and Muscular Endurance, Speed and Agilty, Balance and Coordination, Core Stability and Strength, Power, and Improve your Fat Burning Machine!

What should I expect?

Every day is a different 60-minute intense and challenging workout! Our program is a ‘Full Body’ functional interval-style fitness program including activities such as: Active and Dynamic Flexibility, TRX Workouts (Carmel Valley & Mission Bay PM) CalisthenicsBody Weight MovementsRunning, Agility-Cardio Drills, Med Ball Drills, Obstacle Courses, Partner Drills, Plyometrics, Muscular Confusion Drills, and Core Exercises

What do I need to bring to class?

All of your Bootcamp equipment is provided! You MUST bring your own mat, water, towel (workout gloves are a plus)…Please wear sturdy, comfortable sneakers that will support our activity. Dress in layers when it’s cooler out. Mats and Workout Gloves are now being sold on the Registration Form during your signup process.

Will I fit in with the group?

The Bootcamp class is geared towards every fitness level and for ALL Ages.Current participants range from 10 – 68 yrs. old, and lifestyles from sedentary to athletic. The class is designed with exercises that can be modified for beginners and made more difficult for the advanced. Whatever your fitness level you will be welcomed into the group! We all have similar goals here….Fat loss, tone and develop muscles, increase our cardiovascular levels, improve endurance and develop strength.

Can I bring a friend?

We encourage you to bring friends or partners to the class. Their first class will be FREE. You receive free classes for your referrals signups. Signup 3 friends and receive a FREE MONTH OF BOOTCAMP!

Registering, Scheduling, and Attendance?

You MUST complete an online Registration Form prior to attending any of our Bootcamps. If you need assistance with the form you should call us to assist you a couple of days before your session. You can start off with any package, or for example, you chose a 2 class per week program, and decided you wanted to attend 3 classes, you can be easily upgraded. You can mix and match your classes between any of our Bootcamp locations to accommodate your busy schedule. The Wired Staff would like you to communicate your schedule either weekly or monthly, drop-ins may not get to participate if the classes are full. Acceptable communication for scheduling is in writing via email (Trainer email addresses are on the Trainer Bio’s Page) Class begin at the scheduled time, so tardiness, unless communicated is not tolerated. If you arrive late, immediately warmup and mingle into the group without disruption. Classes will also be held weather permitting and it is up to each trainer whether they want to cancel their class or not. It is your responsibility to communicate with your trainer to avoid any confusion regarding conditions. More information about this will be found on the Policies and Procedures Form you MUST complete prior to attending any packaged program at Wired Fitness.

How is My Progress Tracked, and How Soon Will I See Results?

Your progress can be tracked with monthly measurements. We will conduct a bodyfat caliper test, girth measurements, scale weight, and photographs. These tests will be conducted after the Saturday Bootcamp, and specific class days during the week when there aren’t back to back classes, or single trainers (ask your instructor for details).

In our classes you have the ability to burn 400-1100+ calories each workout based on the individual. Performance improvements such as, strength, energy, endurance, can be present in as little as three to five classes (participating in a 3+ class per week program). Unless you are physically active and participating in additional fitness programs, either individually or supervised on your off days, one to two classes a week may not be enough for success. Visual results, body fat reduction, size loss, can take 2-8 weeks depending on the individual, the off-day fitness activities, their eating habits, and their bodies adaptation to the program(clients have dropped dress sizes, pant sizes, 15+ lbs in a months program, but every individual is different)

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Outdoor Fitness Classes in San Diego

wired fitness outdoor bootcamp fitness classes

Our Outdoor Bootcamp Fitness Class Locations

Wired Fitness offers outdoor bootcamp classes in 4 different locations across San Diego County.  We are coming back to the Allied Gardens and San Carlos area very soon (April 2018).  We are also offering private groups around La Mesa and El Cajon.  Please inquire about those via email


  • Mission Bay:  1322 East Mission Bay Drive, 92109
  • Carmel Valley:  3777 Townsgate Drive, 92130
  • Solana Ranch:  13605 Pacific Highlands Ranch Pkwy, 92130
  • Allied Gardens:  5155 Greenbrier Ave, San Diego, CA 92120


Online scheduling


Click marker on the map for directions to each park location


Outdoor Fitness Program San Diego Locations

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