An Opportunity & Sad Note….

Special post about a member of the Wired Fitness Family……


This email comes to you both as an opportunity and as sad note.  Most of you have worked with Amber, personally in her classes, while visiting my classes, or helping out on Saturdays over the past 6 years.  Over the years both of us hardly ever took days off, years went by without vacations, all for the love of what we do and the people we care about, our clients.  Recently Amber has been pre-diagnosed with several devastating health conditions that is making it difficult to do what she loves, teaching and changing lives.  She has put on her game face, day after day, some more difficult than others, but, still tries to show up to the people that depend on her in spite of her feeling like crawling back in bed and sleeping all day.  Over the past couple of years she has had back to back traumas, a surgery before her pregnancy, and risky-bed-ridden pregnancy, and two additional surgeries afterwards.   Along with this, she had numerous family issues adding to the stress.  Medical professionals suggested she take time off to heal, but, Amber never wanted to let her people down so she rushed her recovery and returned to work shortly after all.  We feel these traumas to her body, and the lack of proper recovery has resulted in what she is experiencing now.  Her immune system has broken down and she needs to take a couple of months off to be stress free, no additional responsibilities, while relaxing and trying to get her body, life and spirit back.  I won’t go into detail on what she has been diagnosed with since these were all preliminary diagnoses.  I never accept the first opinion, and feel that through diet, exercise, and positive vibrations we can change the path our lives take.  We all know Amber, she is stubborn like me!  She won’t sit on the sidelines and take defeat as an option.  In my eyes, this stubbornness is making her symptoms worse and lately she is finding she can’t teach and be there for everyone like she has over the years.

Amber Rodriguez Wired Fitness Bootcamp Trainer

Amber Rodriguez


Amber has been a part of my life, my families, and yours for days, weeks, months and years. So I decided to have a raffle to raise funds to help her take time off so she can take care of her kids, seek holistic treatment, relax and recover far away from all the stress she faces here comfortably.  In this economy, being self-employed, if you don’t work, you don’t eat, so she fears being away from classes, while still providing for her children.  In addition, these holistic treatments are expensive and she can’t afford these, while taking a break.


We will be raffling off a ’10-Session Punch Card’ and a ‘Saturday 10-Session Punch Card’.  The raffle tickets will be sold at $10/ea and you can buy as many as you’d like to have a chance to win all 3 prizes.  For those that want to help her outside of the raffle, here is a DONATE link via PayPal.  We will be selling Raffle tickets in classes and online via the DONATE link (add a special note when you donate with ticket amount).  Raffle will be held on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at our Bootcamp Class.


I hope this will help her get her healthy self back!  We miss that Amber!




Your Trainer & Friend


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