Online Fitness Coaching

Online Fitness Coaching

$150.00 $100.00

Customized online fitness coaching program


Your online fitness coaching program will consist of a personalized workout program based on YOU!  The program will be designed with your training environment in mind, equipment you have available, your schedule and fitness ability.  All workouts will be built with progression in mind so you will never have to worry about plateauing or stagnant results.  Weekly check-ins to hold you accountable.  You will have unlimited access to online chat support with your coach and a 30-minute initial coaching session via phone or video chat.

  • Customized workout program
  • Progression-based routines
  • Interval cardio program to maximize time
  • Workouts based on what’s available to you
  • Unlimited online support
  • 30-minute coaching session via phone or video chat


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