‘WOW’ Workout of the Week by Wired Fitness

‘WOW’ Workout of the Week by Wired Fitness

1. Squats

2. Pull up | Reclined Pull | Band Rows

3. Hanging Leg Raise | Prisoner Leg Drops | Hip Drives

4. Jump Lunge | Walking Lunges

5. Bicycles

6. Mountain Climbers

7. Squat High Jumps

8. Reverse Lunge Kicks

9. Wide-Close-Diamond Push Ups

10. Burpee Stars


How to do the workout: Each of the exercises in the list must be completed for 45 seconds each with no rest in between exercises. The lines with more than option is a choice based on your equipment availability. After all 10 exercises are completed you may rest for 30 seconds that completes set #1 of 3. Once the 30 second rest period is up we will perform 2 more sets totaling about 30 minutes total give or take a few minutes depending on your timing.


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